BIF days 2016

At BIF days (17th to 20th of March), you can choose one of the three offered workshops, see all shows of the IMPRO during these 4 days, participate in a panel-discussion about politics in improv and get a personal feedback of your workshop instructor.

BIF days workshops

All BIF days workshops are held in English, with a maximum of 12 participants each.
Basic skills in improvisation are necessary, preferably a minimum of two years of improv experience.


March 2016


4 p.m.

Welcome-Meeting at Ratibor

Welcome-Meeting (Ratibor Theatre) with Coffee & Cake to get information, festival-passes and to know each other.


8 p.m.

Show of IMPRO 2016

Choose from one of several festival shows



March 2016


11 a.m. - 15 a.m.


4 hours


4 p.m.


Panel about politics in improv


8 p.m.

Show of IMPRO 2016

Choose from one of several festival shows 



March 2016


11 a.m. - 3 p.m.


4 hours


4 p.m.

Open Training

at "Die Pumpe"

8 p.m.

Show of IMPRO 2016

Choose from one of several festival shows



March 2016


11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


3 hours

4 p.m.

Workshop presentation

at Bühnenrausch


5:30 p.m.

Personal Feedback


7:30 p.m.

Open Stage 

at the Ratibor Theater


Political improvisation

Farah Shaer, Beirut, Lebanon
Improvisation can be weird, funny, easy, it can have everyday topics or personal stories – but it can also be political, reflect current social and political events, develop new perspectives or alienate them. How can we let politics influence our improvisation and how do we connect it to our attitude as a performer? Or are some of the events that actually happen too complex to be improvised on stage? Farah draws from her vast experience as an actress and improviser in Lebanon, which is not only a different experience from ours in our everyday lives, but also restraint by governmental censorship of the arts.
with Farah Shaer
Farah is a Lebanese improviser, actress and director whose work in film and theatre deals mainly with major issues facing women in Arab society. She holds a BA in communication arts from the Lebanese American University. Farah is a member of Impro Beirut’s team since 2009 and has regularly performed in improvised and/or interactive shows. As an actress, she participated in the World Actors Forum (Dublin, Ireland) and she impressed the Berlin audience at the IMPRO 2014.

The border between performers and audience

Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Improvisational theatre is known for its genuine contact with the audience. Instead of making theatre pieces that stand strongly no matter if there is audience or not we tend to create events that are influenced and shaped by everyone in the room. We are classical breakers of the fourth wall but can we go further than being classical? In this workshop we will explore different ways of finding contact with the audience, taking inspiration from other contemporary performative arts on one hand and on the other search deeper into what impro theatre has to offer. Where is the border between performers and viewers, how strong is it and especially, how can we play with it?
with Maja Dekleva Lapajne
Maja Dekleva Lapajne lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and works as a freelancer in the field of contemporary theatre. She is a director and a performer, the artistic director of internationally acclaimed Kolektiv Narobov and of the Naked Stage Festival and a member of the international theatre collective “Orcas Island Project”. She has worked in various different projects and mediums - from clown theatre and contemporary dance to radio, television and film - but her main focus and passion has always been improvisation.

Stage space in pictorial terms

Daniel Orrantia, Bogotá, Columbia
Live performance takes place in a three-dimensional space. The way we approach this space has a direct and strong effect on what we communicate as performers. In this workshop, Daniel focuses on exploring ways in which space and its perception can be manipulated and expressed in pictures, images, and other two-dimensional planes. Daniel has been working with physical improvisation and clowning and has recently wowed audiences worldwide as a member of „Speechless“, improvising longforms without words. Drawing from his extensive experience, he teaches you how to play with space in order to tell stories: Drawing the space, defining it by actions, creating the sensation of a large area in a small space, considering 360 degrees and last but not least using comics as a way of telling stories by frames, his workshop attempts to develop new tools to play and transform the way we address the stage.
with Daniel Orrantia
Daniel pushes the boundaries between improvisation and physical theatre, bringing elements of drawing, painting and his life experience as tools for expression and story telling. His practice is complemented with a degree in graphic design and more than eight years experience with physical theatre and improvisation, studying under renowned professionals such as Avner Eisenberg and Keith Johnstone. As a performer, he was invited to a lot of international festivals and runs the company PICNIC, specialised in creating devised work collaborating with different artists.

Panel. Personal Feedback.

On Friday there will be a panel-discussion with actors of the cast of IMPRO 2016. They will discuss the chances and risks of including politics in improvisation and of course you are invited to join the discussion.
After taking the workshop there will be a possibility for you to get a personal feedback from your workshop instructor, where you can discuss further options to become a more experienced improv actor.


Registration: 225,- Euro
At the IMPRO 2016, all shows from 17th to 20th of March are included in the BIF days fee as listed in the program schedule above. Tickets for the other shows of IMPRO 2016 have to be purchased additionally. It is not possible to change those show dates to other dates.

There is the possibility to have lunch at the workshop location on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the additional cost of 20,- Euro.


Die Gorillas/Culturalis

Ulrike Dettmann

Conditions for participation in the BIF program

Reservation of workshop in order of registration plus receipt of payment.
Transfer of 50% of the workshop fee until Jan 15th of 2016 (first come, first served!), second 50% until February 15th of 2016.
Early Bird: Registration plus receipt of payment of 100% of the workshop fee until Dec 31st.
Participation in the workshops on your own risk, there is no insurance protection by Die Gorillas.
More than 6 weeks before workshops: full refund.
More than 4 weeks before workshops: 75% refund.
4-3 weeks before workshops: 50% refund.
3-2 weeks before workshops: 30% refund.
2-1 week(s) before workshops: 10% refund.
Less than 7 days before workshop: no refund.

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