Improv theater is the art of telling stories together: Including the ideas and offers of your partner, developing them further and accepting decisions let a story arise that is being performed live on stage in that very moment – that's improv!

For IMPRO 2014, we have asked some of the invited international artists to start telling stories together just a little bit earlier: via video! The whole thing works like its on stage counterpart: One group starts telling a story and films it – then the next team starts, having only the video of their forerunner as inspiration to continue the story and finally hand over their own video to the next group... and so on! The fact that all these stories are presented in the native tongues of their storytellers will add a „telephone“-effect (popular children's game) to the mix. How much the colleagues will understand of the previous stories, when the video is in Finnish, Hebrew or French – well, let's take potluck!

An audivisual experiment which you can follow here and on facebook, creating pleasant anticipation for IMPRO 2014, which will bring together the artists of the video and many other improvisers for Europe's biggest improv festival from March 21st to 30th!

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