10. Internationales Festival
für Improvisationstheater

The Shows in the Ratibor Theatre

Dave Morris & Missie Peters:
ImprovPoetry - SpeakEasy

A wonderfully poetic evening of Improv, by this duo hailing from Vancouver Canada, completely charmed us Gorillas during our 2008 North American Tour.  Well, we thought, why not bring them to Germany?   “SpeakEasy” Dave and Missie weave both the poetic and profane into narratives.  They combine storytelling and poetry to create improvisation so charming that we are certain you too, dear audience, will not be able to resist!

Tickets Friday, 25.3.
20:30 Uhr, Ratibor Theatre
In English

Open Stage

Traditionally the only performance on the last day of the festival, “Open Stage”
 is a chance for anyone who has taken a workshop at the festival (or previously with Die Gorillas) to perform with festival cast members. Workshop leaders Beatrice and Dave will be this evening’s fearless leaders!

Tickets Sunday, 27.3.
18:00, Ratibor Theatre
Entry: 4 €

The Shows at Heimathafen Neukölln

Opening Show

It will be the ten year anniversary celebration of a fantastic festival of improvisational theater. The sheer number of great improvisers from around the world would have blown up our home the Ratibor, so we decided to relocate the inaugural event to a beautiful, large hall with a nice big stage: the Heimathafen Neukölln. We promise you a fantastic improv-packed evening with two intermissions. It will be a celebration for all who love this genre and want to experience all the invited artists in one fell swoop.

Tickets Friday, 18.3.
20:00, Heimathafen Neukölln
In German and English

Noodt is the Father of Invention

As the pianist on board a cruise ship, all the passengers bend your ear at some point. When he’s not on the water, Christopher Noodt is still Berlin's ears on the keys. We are very pleased that Noodt is back, just as he was two years ago, to enrich the festival with songs of all persuasions, regaling the lives of passengers heard on board the ocean liner.

Tickets Saturday, 19.3.
20:00, Heimathafen Neukölln
In English

The Shows in Mehringhof Theatre

Ladies Night

A cult classic. Please reserve tickets in advance.

Tickets Wednesday, 23.3.
20:00, Mehringhof Theatre
In all the languages of the festival

The Game

This improvised evening is inspired by a world-famous board game. Five players are put on a playing field.  Their improvisations will be based on prewritten rule cards as well as suggestions written in by the audience. This evening will be a fast-paced and varied competition of achievements, short scenes, zany songs and moving monologues.

Tickets Thursday, 24.3.
20:00, Mehringhof Theatre
In English

The Big Seven

Admittedly, the pun doesn’t quite work in English. "The Big 7" is Die Gorillas famous show that has been running for five years with great success. But the concept works with players from around the world! In the first half, the audience votes for the character they want to play the main role of the second half.  Us Gorillas are excited to once more bring such amazing new guests to one of our all-time favourite formats.

Tickets Friday, 25.3.
20:00 Mehringhof Theatre
In English

Grand Prix de l’Improvisation

Another festival institution: Six singers from six countries are pitted against one another, with songs ranging from Hip Hop to Rammstein. And of course, the audience decides the winner of this incredible, fantastic and of course improvised Grand Prix de l'improvisation.

Tickets Saturday, 26.3.
20:00, Mehringhof Theatre
In all the languages of the festival

The Shows in The Schlot

Inspiration In Jazz

Every festival, we are proud to introduce new show formats and classics. The second category includes two nights in the Schlot, where Gorilla Rudy Redl invites outstanding musicians of the Berlin jazz scene to perform with the festival participants on stage. The audience specifies which characters and figures are to meet in the nightly jazz club and the fun begins. Speeches, drinking and monologues ensue. Funny, tragic, absurd. The evening includes five musical festival ensemble members and plenty of free improvised high-class jazz.

Tickets Sunday, 20.3.
20:30 Uhr, Schlot
Music: Berlin Jazz Quartett
Rudy Redl (p),
Michael Gechter (g),
Dieter Gützkow (b),
Horst Sommer (dr).

Tickets Tuesday, 22.3.
20:30 Uhr, Schlot
Music: Rudy Redl & The Groove Factory
Rudy Redl (p),
Sir Charles Williamson (b),
Michael Kersting (dr).
In German and English