Die Gorillas are the organisers of the annual festival IMPRO, one of the biggest and most important improv festivals in the world.

The (hi)story of IMPRO

Since 2001 there has been a permanent fixture in the landscape of theatre festivals in Berlin: IMPRO, the international festival for improvisational theatre, organised by local heroes "Die Gorillas". From the beginning, the focus was on bringing outstanding improv companies to Berlin, in particular from Europe and North America, but also from all other parts of the world. The aim is to present to the audience not only great colleagues but also new developments of this genre.
Over the years, IMPRO has become one of the biggest and most important festivals of this kind in Europe. For ten days in the second half of March, theatre companies as well as individual artists meet to celebrate a festival of improvised theatre across several Berlin theatre stages. Here, the range of shows extends from an improvised radio play to a musical to theatre created in the moment in a bus or a workshop.
IMPRO is a theatre festival financed by Gorilla Theater e.V. Our media partners are radio eins and impro-news.de.


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