Improv without borders

"Improv Without Borders" is the core idea of IMPRO 2016, and we, the Gorillas, have been thinking about how to start an event which will - over and beyond our festival -  connect improvisational theatres. And so we asked the international improv community to improvise on one day, namely 12 March, on their stage in their city and to donate the proceeds from their shows to an organisation who takes care of refugees or represents their interests - here in Berlin we support Pro Asyl and Asyl in der Kirche.

World-wide events

And we were over the moon about the reactions: not just in Germany and Europe, ensembles all over the world responded to our call and will be playing a show on 12 March for the benefit of a local charity - this is happening in Melbourne as well as in Shanghai and Sindelfingen, and every day, more theatres, more cities, more countries are joining us. You'll find more information on the "Improv Without Borders" day of action on its dedicated website

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